Wedding in Puglia: a romantic wedding in Italy

Wedding in Puglia: a romantic wedding in Italy

Puglia is the ideal place to get married in Italy, thanks to its climate and its variety of landscapes there is plenty of choice: every place is enchanting and full of wonders to discover.

Let’s discover the best places to celebrate a wedding ceremony in Puglia:


Wedding in Puglia in the Masserie

Wedding in Puglia in the Masserie

The masserie are rural buildings, often colored in the typical white color, located mainly in the south of Italy.

In Puglia you can find many Masserie, it is one of the regions with the highest concentration. These buildings are immersed in the beautiful countryside of Apulia, with an ancient flavor and with the typical local vegetation of the place.

The style of the masserie is variable, some have been transformed into luxury places, ideal for a rustic but elegant and refined wedding, others have kept their ancient charm, perfect if you want to fully experience the feelings of the place.

The choice is wide and the locations available are many.

Wedding in Puglia by the sea

Wedding in Puglia by the sea

Puglia is the “heel” of the Italian boot and has 865 km of coastline, all to be discovered with breathtaking views. Bathed by the Adriatic Sea and the Ionian Sea is the Italian region that has more coasts, excluding the two islands.

The landscapes and the natural environments present on the coasts of Puglia are various: from the cliffs overlooking the sea, which offer views and breathtaking landscapes, to the rocky coves, up to the classic sandy beaches.

Particularly suggestive is Salento, with its Maldives of Salento, which is one of the most beautiful seas in Italy.

The wonders are all to be discovered, the crystal clear sea will be the perfect background of your wedding.

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Alternative marriage in Puglia

Alternative marriage in Puglia

All the future bride and groom dream of a unique wedding, different from all the others, that is able to be remembered and to leave all the guests speechless.

Puglia is the ideal place to celebrate an alternative wedding! 

Starting from the wedding on the beach, there are structures in which there is the possibility to perform the civil rite. It will be a more alternative and less classical experience of the normal celebration in the city hall or in church. In addition, holding a barefoot ceremony on the sand will definitely be an element appreciated by many.

Staying always close to the sea you can choose to get married directly on a boat, away from the city. For an intimate and alternative wedding.

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Wedding on a boat in Puglia

Wedding on a boat in Puglia

Getting married on a boat is definitely an alternative wedding and very romantic experience, immersed in the blue of the sea and of the sky of Puglia, from which you can admire breathtaking sunsets.

It is certainly also a very intimate alternative, as you are far from the noise of the mainland only in the company of your guests. In addition, you can also perform a symbolic ritual on board the ship.

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Wedding in the wood in Puglia

Wedding in the wood in Puglia

Choosing the wood as a location in which to get married in Puglia is certainly less usual, but still unique and fantastic.

Puglia is rich in wood and wonderful forests, celebrating your wedding in the green of the typical local Mediterranean vegetation, among olive trees and the unforgettable smells of the forest, is an unforgettable experience.

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Religious outdoor wedding in Puglia

Religious outdoor wedding in Puglia

Getting married outdoors is the dream of many couples, especially if you decide to get married in a wonderful place like Puglia, which has breathtaking views that can make this special day even more romantic and unforgettable.

This type of marriage is called “Matrimonio all’americana”, but in Italy it is not so easy to carry out this type of ceremony.

However, you can look for a location that has an internal church where you can celebrate the religious rite. In Puglia the most suitable locations are the Masserie as historical places usually have an adjacent church.

Another alternative can be to celebrate a symbolic rite in the location that you prefer and then validate the union in the church.

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