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wedding photographer italy wedding photographer italy

I'm Daniele Torella, wedding photographer based in Rome Italy. I’m specialized in wedding photo shoots for foreign couples, who want to get married in Italy and turn to a professional photographer. I know my country well, I love meeting people of different nationalities and I’m used to work with great wedding planners as well. My goal is to create flawless photo shoots, to transform such an important event as a wedding into an everlasting memento. My English and my Spanish are fluent, so we’ll easily get each other!
My business is located in Rome: I love taking pictures in the eternal city. But for work, I've always travelled a lot. I’ll be happy to take your photos in any location in Italy, from Tuscany to Puglia, from Umbria to Lake Como.


Wedding photographer italy


If you are thinking of getting married in Italy and you are looking for a professional photographer, it is worth knowing me. My pictures, as the awards I have gained nationally and internationally, speak for me. I can only tell you that every time I make a wedding photo shoot for a couple who wants to get married in Italy and who chooses me as a photographer, I am proud and I put all my ability in it, everything I learned year after year. I don’t like self-celebrations, it’s not for me to say if I am the best wedding photographer in Italy: I can tell you, however, that I have acquired many skills over time, that I am constantly updating myself and that I have focused all my work on Destination Wedding. Get ideas from other foreign couples who got married in this beautiful country before you, get free information on how to organize a wedding in Italy, get inspired by romantic stories and…find out what distinguishes my photo shoots, what makes them magical.

Why choose me as a wedding photographer in Italy?

Perché scegliere me, come fotografo di matrimoni in Italia?

You don’t necessarily have to choose me: you have to choose the wedding photographer who is most in line with your needs, with your expectations. I can only introduce myself, show you my works, tell you my story. I am an insatiable photographer, and a traveler.

My studio is in Rome, but I was lucky to photograph exclusive weddings in every part of Italy. What I love, above all, are couples in love: knowing foreign couples who have a love to tell, who look forward with enthusiasm and passion, and who want to celebrate their story in a special place, is always wonderful. Knowing the couples I will have to photograph is fundamental: through the lights, the colors, the angles and the perspectives I will try to stop the emotions and enhance – with the utmost naturalness – all that, of them, entered my heart.

Every couple is unique, and every photo shoot too. Italy is my inspiration: I also travel abroad to make wedding photoshoots, but in Italy I play at home because I know its colors, shades and landscapes in depth. This is definitely an advantage.

Destination Wedding Photographer In Italy: My Style

wedding photographer italy


The venue chosen for the wedding is essential. A photographer plays with the surrounding environment! Indeed, it uses the landscape  to enhance, with the utmost authenticity, the feelings and tell moments of eternal life. Marriage is not only the moment in which a couple promises themselves everlasting love, it is not only that precise moment: it is also waiting, it is the careful preparation, it is the bride while combing her hair and the groom while knotting the necktie. And, in many cases, it goes beyond the couple: to tell the wedding, the looks of the guests also enter the field, the joy of two friends who take part into the event, the lightness of a dance at the end of the evening. As a wedding photographer in Italy I have to pay attention to all of this: I have to tell everything that happens, from the row of cypresses that surrounds the scene to the tears of the bridesmaid, from the clouds that flow innocently in the sky to the gaze of the groom, when he sees his future wife.

All this will be nice to review day after day: photographs are always an opportunity to remind us of what we have been, to bring us back in touch with the joy that we have experienced. If you live abroad and decide to get married in Italy, as an Italian wedding photographer I have an even greater responsibility. Probably not all of your friends and relatives will be able to attend the wedding, so when you get back home they will fill you with questions, and you will try in every way to convey all the emotion of this extraordinary event. Not many words will be necessary: ​​it will be enough to show the photos!

My job: you are the focus

wedding photographer italy

In my work, communication is fundamental. What I have to tell is you, you are the absolute protagonists. If I don’t know you enough, how can I tell your story and tune in to you? To make a truly unique wedding photoshoot, I have to deal with you, we have to make decisions together. The wedding photo shoot is excellent when it is the result of a job done together, of a communication that has been created over time.

I have to win your trust, I have to be able to connect with you, to understand what is important to you. Because every couple is unique and every wedding photoshoot must be unique. Only if you trust me, if you get to know me and I get to know you, can we spend that day as an authentic day, perfectly in line with your needs.

But how can we get to know each other from a distance? Skype calls are the best solution. I speak English and Spanish fluently, the internet allows you to overcome any distance. If instead you plan to come to Italy before the wedding, I will be happy to meet you in my studio in Rome.

Wedding photographs, life stories

Fotografie di matrimonio in italia


I know that the wedding day is worth a lifetime: a destination wedding photographer must give value to all of this. My goal is to capture, in my shoots, every instant: I will tell the places, the preparations, the ceremony, the party; I will capture the moments, the vibrant emotion of waiting, the full joy of the day. I will make infinite photo shoots, I will carefully select them, I will deliver them to you as if they were infinite works of art.

I love intimate weddings, where the time spent with friends and relatives is of truly quality. Usually foreign weddings in Italy are just like that: the number of guests is small, the guests are carefully selected, the emotions are authentic.

I will photograph the deep bond between the spouses, but also between you and your guests: they are the perfect setting, together with the location you have chosen. I will work remotely, without disturbing, but in a constant and continuous way.

What I love most is the reportage style, which allows me to leave sufficient amount of room for spontaneity. For this reason we will take ritual photos, if you wish, with the newlyweds in the center and the guests next to them, but we will also take spontaneous, natural photos, with hands that are intertwined, looks that interact, hugs that never end.

Nowadays, there are many wedding trends to choose from. Much depends on what you dream of, on how you imagine this extraordinary day to be like. Italy also offers many venues, from the seaside to the mountains, from historic villas to the most luxurious structures in the city center. A boho wedding, in the open countryside or in a relaxing and romantic setting, is certainly one of my favorites: nature is the background, simplicity is the protagonist. Even in this case, however, I love to plan every detail: nothing must be left to chance, to create a certain atmosphere, even the simplest, it is necessary to take care of every element.

The subjects of my wedding photos will not only  be the bride and groom, but friends, relatives and the surrounding environment. Obviously on my website I will not show all the photographs, for privacy reasons. But each shoot can be transformed, even for them, into a precious memory destined to last over time.


wedding photographer italy


Italy offers so many destinations for an exclusive wedding, whether you want to get married in a church or whether you prefer a civil ceremony. Outdoor or indoor wedding? In a castle or on a beach? In Italy you will certainly find the location that suits you most. Tuscany, Umbria, Lake Como, the Amalfi Coast, Apulia and Sicily, are places with a wonderful nature and with unique characteristics that only Italy can offer. I made many photo shoots in these regions, for weddings or simply because while I was crossing these lands I was enchanted by their beauty. Every place in Italy represents a mood, it is the perfect setting for the atmosphere you want to create. For religious weddings you can choose between small churches, more intimate but a little darker, and large domes, more sumptuous and brighter but more expensive to set up. The important thing is to plan everything in detail. A wedding planner can certainly help you: if you don’t know where to start from, I can recommend you some very good wedding planners with whom I have collaborated for important jobs. The wedding planner, in addition to advising you on the best location, can also give you all the bureaucratic support, explaining in detail how to organize your wedding in Italy, with a civil or religious ceremony. In the meantime, let yourself be inspired by the wedding shots that I made for example in Rome, Tuscany or the Amalfi coast. I also love international weddings because they allow me to get to know different cultures and when two worlds meet, something beautiful always comes up. An example? Take a look at my Indian wedding photo shoot. After all, each of us has a story to tell, and my work, on these occasions, seems to me the most beautiful work in the world!

Lake Como, Rome, Florence, Siena, the ancient villages of Umbria or Tuscany, the wonderful Amalfi coast, the island of Capri, Apulia… every corner of Italy offers a truly unique and original landscape, where history, cultural traditions, food and wine are intertwined. You can choose between very modern structures, equipped with every comfort, and expertly restored rural villages, where nature is the protagonist. A few examples? Tuscany and Umbria, with the rolling hills and cottages full of history, are often equipped to welcome not only the newlyweds, but also the guests: you can organize your stay and wedding in the same structure, to live even more intensely your wedding.

Now I present some really perfect places to make a wedding in Italy. If you want more information, do not hesitate to contact me: I will be happy to put all my experience at your disposal, to help you choose in the best way.


WEDDING IN TUSCANY: if you have already been to Tuscany, it will surely have won you over for its green hills, for the rows of cypresses, the fantastic views, the cities rich in history and, why not, the good Italian wine. Tuscan food and wines are famous all over the world! Tuscany also really offers a wide range of high-level facilities, with services dedicated to the newlyweds.


wedding photographer dievole


WEDDING IN UMBRIA: Umbria captures you with its land full of history, its green hills, its romantic corners. If you knew the place during a tour or a business trip, it surely left its mark with unforgettable memories. If you’ve never been there, it must be the moment to discover it: medieval traditions, tasty cuisine and places simplicity are not leaving you indifferent for sure.


wedding photographer italy


WEDDING IN APULIA: the long beaches, the warm sun, the typical villages of Apulia: the colours there, are always the protagonists. If you wish to get married in Apulia, where the weather is always pleasant, do not hesitate to contact me.


fotografo matrimonio italia


WEDDING IN ROME: Rome is my city, I know it very well. This is why I can offer you many exclusive locations: it all depends on whether you prefer to get married in an ancient church in central Rome, or outdoors, perhaps on the roofs of a modern structure (which offers an enchanting view of the city). What would you say about a small church, a suggestive castle or a recently renovated villa? If you love the sea, even the beach in Rome can be the right solution: I know some really perfect spots, as long as the wedding is held in the morning or in the evening. In this way the lights of sunrise and sunset play in our favour, and we will avoid the hottest hours. In Rome there is certainly the ideal location for you!


daniele torella fotografo matrimonio roma


WEDDING ON THE AMALFI COAST: This stretch of coast is truly breathtaking: it is no coincidence that the most beautiful shoots have the Amalfi Coast in the background. Here small towns wind their way, precious gems that often attract many tourists. A wedding in Italy, on the Amalfi Coast, is always a fairytale wedding.


Destination Wedding Photographer In Italy: My Style

More than just a wedding photographer in Italy

wedding photographer italy


Over the years I have specialized as a wedding photographer in Italy, creating many photo shoots for foreign couples who have chosen exclusive locations in Italy. This is how I also created a network of reliable professionals: working side by side, in different weddings, I got to know video producers, wedding planners, and various others truly exceptional service providers.

If you are thinking of getting married in Italy, but have not yet contacted any professional, you will probably have many questions, and it will seem extremely difficult. In fact, the only choice you really need to make is to rely on the right professional! All the rest will come by itself, calmly, like the best of team games.
After that, organizing the wedding in Italy will be very simple: you just have to tell each other, make yourself known, tell us how you dream of the wedding day and we will be able to orientate ourselves together in the best choice. I am always happy when a foreign couple chooses to get married in Italy, because I know that they will never be disappointed.

Wedding video services: I do not create video services, because to have a good result it is necessary for everyone to specialize in their own area. However, the collaboration with an excellent videomaker can be useful to provide you with a high-level service: if you are interested in a video service, do not hesitate to contact me and I will be able to provide you with all the information.


wedding photographer italy

Wedding planner: in the same way, I am a wedding photographer in Italy, and not a wedding planner! I can give you advice, suggest locations, deal with you by offering you my point of view, but I cannot replace those who do this job as a profession. I can suggest you some really great wedding planners, which will allow you to organize your wedding in Italy without worries. The results will be truly unique.

Pre-wedding photography: the focus of my work lies in wedding photography services, in particular in Destination Wedding. But it doesn’t end here, on the contrary… it often starts much earlier! I also make pre-wedding photoshoots for the newlyweds, to share with friends and relatives. If you come to Italy before the wedding, we can organize ourselves in order to make some shoots and get to know each other.

wedding photographer italy

Hair & Makeup: I can also recommend truly unique stylists, hairdressers, beauticians. Makeup is essential in the wedding photo shoot, we cannot leave anything to chance. If you rely on a wedding planner, she will give you all the necessary information. If not, ask for information!

Wedding album: I make infinite wedding shoots, which become real works of art. I select them with care and I spend a lot of time in post production, because I want everything to be perfect. Find out more about my wedding albums you can choose between photo books, traditional albums and more. The paper is always of great value, the type of excellent printing, the materials of unquestionable quality made in Italy…the result of my work is always touched by hand.

Album di nozze

Do you still have doubts? Let's get to know each other, everything will be easier!

Italy wedding photographer

Not everyone loves being photographed, yet all the spouses want to have a wedding album.

If you are not used to being behind a camera, don’t worry! Everything now seems difficult to you, but as soon as we get to know you will realize that it is not.

I worked for models and made author shoots, but the focus of my work lies in the destination wedding: this means that hundreds of times I have made photoshoots for foreign couples who, like you, were initially uncomfortable.

The discomfort always passes. Indeed, I will tell you more: it passes before the wedding. Because on that day, you will not think of anything at all: you will have learned to know me, we will have dealt with many aspects, you will have learned to trust and you will not feel embarrassed at all.

It will not be a stranger to photograph you, but a trusted professional who knows how to do his job with the utmost discretion.

Wedding photography services: naturalness or restyling?

I love reportage-style wedding photos, where naturalness is the absolute protagonist.

This does not mean, however, that everything should be left to chance. Even the most realistic photography, to get a good result, must be planned in detail.

In the same way, post-production is fundamental: processing the photos, after taking the shoots, is important for transforming each shoot into a work of art destined to last over time.

You can also choose between photo book, traditional album, wood box and more. From the prints to the binding, from the cover to the packaging, everything must be perfect. And it’s for this reason that all my products are Made in Italy and handmade.

But it does not end here: the photographic shots can also become valuable paintings, to furnish your home with originality and warmth.

Servizi fotografici di matrimonio

Experience and testimonials

wedding photographer italy

I have received numerous awards as a professional wedding photographer. But most of all, it is my shoots that speak for me, and, in addition to them, the positive reviews of the married couples who have chosen me. In the Portfolio section you can see some wedding photo shoots that I made in Italy and abroad; in the Stories section, I want to tell you something more about those weddings, show you the location, offer ideas and comparisons. In the Testimonials section you can read the testimonies of some foreign couples, who like you wanted to get married in Italy and have chosen to turn to me: more than this long presentation (thanks for reading so far!) You can trust their words and get to know me from their experience!

Reservation And Payment


Probably if you are thinking of getting married in Italy, you are asking yourself some more practical questions, for example regarding booking and payment. Definitely relying on professionals, such as Italian wedding planners and photographers, allows you to save money and get a better result: we know the locations, customs, bureaucratic constraints well and we will make your wedding truly special, up to expectations. Knowing each other, we can also define a quote, because much depends on the type of photo shoots you would like. So do not hesitate and contact me: through an email or a phone call, we can get to know each other and define the starting points!

If you’re considering photographing your event, I’m sure you have a few questions you’d like to ask. Get in touch and I will respond with pleasure, I will listen to your ideas, your plans and your dreams.

Do you still have any doubts? To satisfy the most common requests, I have provided a FAQ section, but I am sure that it is not enough to satisfactorily answer all your questions! For this reason, if you wish to get married in Italy and are looking for an Italian photographer specialized in Destination Wedding, do not hesitate to contact me! Location, type of photo shoot, etc. We have many topics to talk about, to start immediately to transform your wedding, from a simple dream, into a wonderful reality.

Insights: how much a wedding photographer cost in Italy