Apulia wedding photographer

Daniele Torella, destination wedding photographer in Puglia

Apulia wedding photographer


Who? You and your sweet half Where? At the very heel of Italy’s boot
Why? Cozy atmosphere, delicious food, breathtaking sea views…
When? All year round, especially spring & summer
With? Family, friends and a good Apulia wedding photographer


Warmth: a word that explains it all. This is what this region is about and makes it perfect for an authentic Italian style wedding in Apulia. Warm, like the gentle breeze coming from the crystal clear sea. Warm, as the people living here. Warm, like the feelings your Apulia wedding photographer, will immortalize in neverending memories.

Olives orchard, sandy beaches, old masserias, rocky cliffs, baroque cities: everything you’ve ever dreamt of is to be found in one of the best destination wedding Apulia. With its outstanding weather (the sun is always shining) and its breathtaking sunsets, the atmosphere is so intimate that your Apulia wedding photographer won’t be capturing anything but romance.


Apulia wedding photographer


Wherever you decide to get married in Apulia, you will surely have a blast and your guest will be delighted thanks to the gourmet cuisine this region can offer. Remembering that food goes together with hospitality, you will be overwhelmed by the mix of the two: a combo that will make your wedding in Apulia an outstanding celebration of love.

Daniele, your Apulia wedding photographer, will follow you through this amazing journey with his camera making sure your love will be enhanced by the best scenarios. Being the weather always sunny, every panorama (from beaches to inner towns) is the perfect background to have your photographs taken by your Apulia wedding photographer.


Apulia wedding photographer


From twilight to sunset, from the moment you start getting dressed till the moment you will dance the night away, Daniele – your Apulia wedding photographer will be there making sure every smile of joy, every tear of happiness, every hidden detail of love will last forever is a marvelous frame named Puglia.

If you want more information about your dream wedding in Apulia, get in touch with one of the best Apulia wedding photographer: Daniele Torella

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