daniele torella faq


Frequent Answers and Questions

• What is your style?

My approach to wedding photography is a photo-journalistic one, also known as reportage. The reportage is marked by a more spontaneous kind of shot in which the photographer does not ask the bride and groom to pose but utilizes the photographic media for making a report of the wedding while allowing them the freedom to live such a special event without any further pressure. Moreover, I believe that from the artistic point of view it may be of interest to enrich the wedding reportage by portraits of the couple, which of course are to be not banal, but always natural and elegant.

• How far is the event covered?

The event is covered totally. We start with the dressing, then the ceremony, and some creative portraits till the end of the reception, where I shall be present up to the cut of the wedding cake, and often even after that.

• Do you work alone?

The wedding day we are usually two. This enables us to have ever different viewpoints and not to concentrate on bride and groom only, but also on invitees.

• Do you also make group photos?

Usually, I do prefer to focus on the lively moments of the function, but if requested I shall be glad to shot group photos of you and your friends and relatives.

• Do you make post-production?

Postproduction is a fundamental part of my job, which is why I attach much importance at doing it personally. However, the photo elaboration should not twist the image, but limit itself to enhance it by working on colours, light and contrast.

• Classical Album or Photo-Book?

This depends on personal preference. Thanks to my first rank suppliers, I am able to meet all requirements, namely, made in Italy photobooks, hand-made classical albums, Fine Art prints, and much more. On visiting my studio you will be able to choose whatever most appeals to you.

• Who select the photos for the album?

The selection will be jointly made by the customers and me: I will submit a first selection and it will be up the customers to decide which photos should appear in the album.

• Do you supply the originals?

Yes, I do. On delivering the album I provide the customers with all the (high resolution) shots of the event for them to be able to make additional prints at will.

• Waiting time?

Usually, I deliver the pictures within two months from the date of the wedding, if you have an album within four month . The photographer’s work does not finish the day of the wedding, but it is quite the opposite! Careful selection of the photos, postproduction and paging take a lot of time, because I always do it personally, without charging anybody else to do it on my behalf. However, it is also possible to add "Fast Delivery" so you can have all the photos within 4 weeks of the wedding.

• How will the delivery take place?

The photos will be delivered via an online gallery, from which you can download them in high resolution or web format. With one click you will also be able to share them with whomever you want.

• How long before should i book the photographic service?

For the weddings on Saturday or Sunday it is strongly advisable to book at least one year before. For the other weekdays it is possible to book some time later. All in all, the golden rule about booking is: the sooner the better… Anyway, if the date of the wedding is approaching, it is always possible to check a last minute availability by sending a mail or calling. There is no charge with at least trying.

• Where do you work?

I mainly work in Rome and surroundings. However, I frequently happen to move all over Italy and also abroad.