How can I find a good wedding photographer in Italy?

Tips to choose your wedding photographer in Italy

Tips to choose your wedding photographer in Italy

When you start planning your wedding it is normal to gather information from relatives and friends who are already married, but the answers you will get may not meet your expectations, especially for the one who has to capture the best day of your life: the photographer.

The other way to search for the ideal photographer is to surf the net; this most of the time happens by sending, to the selected photographers, online quote requests based on criteria that cannot always be considered correct. In fact, it is quite common that the choice falls on the one who presents the lowest budget, regardless of the quality of the service that will be performed. Once the assignment is entrusted you will certainly have the impression of having saved but this without considering that a low price is often synonymous with poor quality.

For this reason, don’t reduce your choice to a low-cost photographer, but look for the one who, through his/her pictures, can excite you.

Obviously, even basing the choice of the photographer on the emotion that a single photo gives you is still not enough to find the ideal photographer for your wedding. You must know that the photographer during this unforgettable day will assist you not only during the ceremony but starting from the preparation of the couple, until the conclusion of the celebrations.

So don’t dwell on a single photo but browse entire albums and get an idea of ​​the overall result through the photo gallery.

Being a photographer does not only mean having the technical skills that can allow you to use a camera correctly: being a photographer also means having a natural talent, passion, competence, and experience.

That said, for your wedding photoshoot, choose a professional with creativity and emotions.

It is not the camera that makes the photograph, but the photographer.

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Nowadays there is a belief that being a photographer simply means having a quality camera, but that’s not quite the case.

A true photographer, on the other hand, can be defined as a professional when, in addition to possessing a wide range of quality tools, has within himself/herself that sensitivity and apprehension that allow him/her to capture the emotions not only of the spouses but also of all the guests. as well as being able to take exciting photos that can tell their story.


A wedding photoshoot with discretion and professionalism


A good wedding photoshoot is not evaluated simply by the numerous shots taken but also based on the professionalism of the photographer who, through a matured experience in the field, is able to immortalize the best moments of your wedding, with discretion. 



This means that the photographic shots must not only be those where the subjects are made to pose, but also those “stolen” moments where they can capture the emotions of both the spouses and the guests. Do not forget that marriage means emotion and that this must also be transmitted in the shots that are taken of your spouses and your guests.

The photographic style is important (reportage and pose).

There is often the mistaken belief that one photographer is as good as another, but this is not the case.

Years of experience and studies, especially during reportage in distant countries, allow us to acquire that emotionality that the photographer, through his perceptions, is able to transmit in the shots.


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A professional works all over Italy and is willing to travel without problems.


If you are looking for a wedding photographer in Italy you must also consider the fact that this professional must love and have passion for the work and this most of the time means that the one who performs this profession loves to travel, as is always looking for new emotions to be immortalized, new people to know and new places to explore.


A professional willing to work even outside his/her territory is the one for you. He is the one who is still hungry for emotions and only this beautiful detail will allow you to get a photo gallery of the best moments of your wedding.

If you live abroad and are thinking of getting married in Italy, choosing an Italian professional photographer is extremely advantageous, as long as it is a professional already specialized in wedding destinations: Daniele Torella will put at your disposal all the experience acquired and perfect knowledge of the places, to allow you to choose the ideal location. The distance? Thanks to modern devices – and a good knowledge of English – it will seem to be in the next room!

A detailed service

The questions that the bride and groom ask the photographer are always many and it is his/her duty to provide future customers with as much details as possible about the services included. Don’t be afraid to ask the photographer what style he/she prefer, what coverage provides during the event, if there will be collaborators or not, if the shots will be reworked, what kind of album will be created, if the files will be delivered original photographs and any waiting times for the delivery of the final paper.


What to include in the quote for a wedding photo shoot.

To continue with the discussion made in the previous point, you must know that when requesting a quote it is important to indicate as much information as possible, in order to have an overall evaluation of the work that the photographer will have to perform and allow this to indicate precisely the exact amount of services that will be performed.


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