Your wedding in Italy will be a unique event. From the North to the South of Italy, there are many perfect locations for an unforgettable day. It all depends on the atmosphere you would like to create, the number of participants and the season of year you want to get married. In my career as a photographer, I specialized in Destination Wedding: meeting married couples, giving light to their emotions and making them eternal through dedicated photo shoots is the essence of my business. I am happy to share all my experience on weddings in Italy, I hope in this way to help choose the best place to get married.

Let’s begin: wedding in Rome, wedding in Tuscany, wedding on the Amalfi Coast or on Lake Como? Let’s start this journey together, discovering the most beautiful places to get married.



wedding in Rome

Rome is the Eternal City: celebrating your wedding in Rome means choosing a romantic setting, perfect for any love story. Rome offers a wide choice of breathtaking churches, villas and castles, ideal for experiencing unforgettable emotions. Rome is also the city where my photographic studio is based, I know every corner and I will be happy to provide you with all the information you need to choose the best location for your wedding. Find out more about getting married in Rome.

WEDDING IN TUSCANY – Florence, Siena and Chianti


A land of hills, vineyards and historic cities, Tuscany is a destination that often meets the favour of foreign couples who want to get married in Italy. In my experience as a wedding photographer, I have already welcomed both Italian couples and married couples from all over the world to Tuscany. My job is to bring out the infinite beauty of every cultural identity, telling unique love stories. If you love Italian cities, you can choose a wedding in Florence (the Ponte Vecchio will not disappoint you!) or in the center of Siena (Piazza del Campo is known all over the world); if you prefer a location outside the center, you can opt for a romantic villa in the Chianti area (where you can, among other things, enjoy unique views and taste excellent wines).


Right in the Chianti area, at the Meleto castle, I made a photoshoot for Lauren and Nathan, a married couple from Scotland. Other locations for your wedding in Tuscany could be the Montalto Castle, Villa Mangiacane, Borgo Stomennano, Borgo Castelvecchio.

Discover 10 locations for your wedding in Tuscany.


Wedding in Umbria

Umbria is a land rich in history, with green hills and romantic locations. If you are looking for authenticity and beauty, you can choose to get married in Umbria, celebrating the wedding in a city with a medieval flavour, in a forest, or in a refined structure on a charming hill. Perugia, Assisi, Città di Castello, Spoleto: these are some of the destinations chosen for a wedding in Italy. Discover my wedding photo shoots in Umbria.

get married in Umbria

The reportage style of my photographic shots, oriented to enhance beauty in a natural way and to give value to the most spontaneous emotions, goes well with the Umbrian land, which offers infinite open spaces and romantic atmospheres. In this article, I have presented the best locations for your Wedding in Umbria: these are ancient villas, beautiful resorts and historic villages that stole my heart, when I made wedding photoshoots for couples, who – like you – have chose to get married in Italy.


wedding in Apuglia

Apulia offers truly versatile wedding locations, because it is possible to range from elegant modern structures to precious historic buildings. The choice often turns to the prestigious Masserie del Salento, known all over the world for their characteristic structure. At one time, the Masserie of Puglia were real farms, including the owner’s residence, the farmers’ lodgings, courtyards, and stables; properly restored, they now become an exceptional location, with a high added value, in rural environments in close contact with nature.

getting married in Puglia

If you dream of getting married in Puglia, or in a Masseria in Salento, contact me: I will be happy to create a wedding photoshoot in Puglia that meets your expectations. Discover my photoshoots in Puglia.


Wedding in Amalfi Coast

Imagine a jagged coastline overlooking the sea, splendid coves, and a view that get lost on the Tyrrhenian sea: you are on the Amalfi Coast, in Campania. Getting married on the Amalfi Coast means getting involved in the lightness and joy of a land kissed by the sun. Many married couples, both Italian and foreign, have allowed me to get to know the Amalfi Coast better and better because they have chosen me as a photographer for their wedding.

Getting married on the Amalfi Coast

A few examples? Xiu and Jason, from London, celebrated their wedding in Ravello, among characteristic alleys and villas full of art. I take thousands of photos every year, but the photograph of their embrace, with a breathtaking view as a backdrop, remains one of my favourites. Or you can choose to get married on a beautiful beach in Positano and continue the celebrations in a villa overlooking the sea. Another location often loved by Italians and foreigners is Sorrento: Sue, a beautiful Indian girl, and Alket have chosen Villa Fondi, which offers a spectacular view of the Gulf of Naples.


wedding on Lake Como

A wedding on Lake Como is a fairytale wedding! Lake Como, in Lombardy, is overlooked by villas with immense gardens, that look like real works of art. Precisely for this reason, many couples choose Lake Como to celebrate their wedding. Others, as Maura and Nicola did, get married in Switzerland, near Lugano, and continue the celebrations in Lido di Lenno, on Lake Como.Watch the photo shoot.

Photo essay style wedding photographer in Italy

Photo essay style wedding photographer in Italy

Do you dream of a luxury location, a boho-chic style wedding, or a more intimate and private celebration? With my photographic style of photo essay, oriented towards maximum spontaneity, I will be able to interpret your emotions and tell your feelings with authenticity, perfectly aligning with the mood of your wedding. Spontaneous expressions and unique details are the protagonists of my photoshoots. I play with lights, with shadows, with natural colours, to give value to the location you have chosen and convey, in the wedding photoshoot, the same atmosphere you wanted to create.


wedding album in Italy

A wedding album is a concrete, tangible memory that lasts a lifetime. Whenever you want, you can browse it to find yourself, in a second, relive that special day and experience with the same emotion again. It is also an indelible testimony, ideal for telling this event even to those who have not participated directly. I know how precious your wedding album in Italy is! Wedding photography has nothing to do with all other photographs, because it has a much higher goal: to convey, in carefully selected images, all the emotion and atmosphere of such a special day.

wedding album

The details, the looks, the gestures, the colours come into play. Presentation also becomes important. This is why I invest a lot of energy in post-production, in the selection of photographs and in the creation of a wedding album that meets your expectations. Printing, binding, cover, packaging: every aspect must be treated with care, to reach the highest levels. Photobook, traditional album, or wooden box? Discover many solutions for wedding album in Italy, keep your memories forever.

wedding album made in Italy

Each material is carefully selected, to safeguard the photographs intact over time and to convey the infinite beauty of such a special day. The quality of the made in Italy workmanship, the prestigious finishes, the excellent quality paper and the precious wood are fundamental elements to guarantee a truly high-value final result.

Thanks to the photographic shots I will capture all the magic of your love; thanks to an excellent wedding album I will make this memory intact forever. Seeing it again, seeing you again, every time, will be beautiful.



I have always been passionate about photography. Proportions, lights, shadows, details, are in my strings. I observe what is happening around me, I capture its infinite beauty and, in an image, all the intensity of moments destined to become eternal. I specialized in wedding photography in Italy because I love to tell love stories, meet couples who look to the future with emotion, share the joy of a special promise.

Destination Wedding is one of my favorite sectors: I got to know foreign couples, travel a lot or introduce them to my beautiful country: Italy. Rome, first of all, but also Tuscany, the Amalfi Coast, Lake Como and many other splendid destinations. What is the best location for your wedding in Italy? It all depends on your needs, the period in which you will get married, the number of guests. I put all my experience at your disposal: I can share, through the photographic services published on my site, some considerations on the most beautiful places I have had the opportunity to visit or tell you which weddings have been impressed in my heart, for wonderful locations, welcoming structures, unforgettable landscapes.

If you decide to rely on a wedding planner, know that I love to work in a team: altogether, with the only goal of allowing you to live such a special day in lightheartedness. If, on the other hand, you don’t know which wedding planner to trust, contact me: thanks to a high level of experience in the sector, I can recommend some really talented wedding planners.

When to get married in Italy

when to get married in Italy

Usually, the preferred months to get married in Italy are spring (from April to June) or late summer/early autumn (September – October): in these periods the climate is more temperate and the Italian cities are less crowded with tourists. August tends to be a very sultry month, the winter months are likely to be rainy, especially in the North, or even snowy. Another element you could take into account is the length of the days: if the event will take place in the afternoon, perhaps it would be better to choose spring, when the days are long and it is clear until the evening.

If, on the other hand, you prefer very romantic atmospheres, September and October, with the colors of autumn and the sun setting early (for example on the sea), can be perfect months.

What to know before leaving

The first advice is, of course, to visit the city where you want to get married, before the wedding. So you can get a more precise and realistic idea of ​​the spaces available and understand if it’s really right for you. As for the wedding planner, as I anticipated, I advise you to choose a local one: knowing the place and the accommodation facilities in-depth, she will be able to coordinate all the actors who come into play, contact the suppliers, evaluate quotes with you. For the same reason, it is better to choose a local photographer: in my case, if you prefer we can meet directly when you come to Italy, before the wedding, or we can get to know each other via Skype.

Are you looking forward to organizing your wedding in Italy? Contact me for all the necessary information. Find out more about who I am, look at my Portfolio, and take a look at the Reviews. See you soon!

What to know before leaving