How much does a wedding photographer cost in Italy?

How much does a wedding photographer cost in Italy?


How many times have you asked yourself how much does a wedding photographer cost in Italy? Answers to this legit question sometimes are not so clear. This is the reason why I decided to write down a short article.

Keep on reading to find out how much a wedding photographer cost in Italy!

Consider that the average price for a wedding photographer in Italy is normally lower compared to British or American ones, but that does not affect the quality at all. The price usually ranges between €1.500 and €4.500 and if you type on your browser “how much does a wedding photographer in Italy cost?” you will find out that those are the standard fees.


How much does a wedding photographer cost in Italy?


What makes vary the cost of a wedding photographer in Italy are different types of service that you might or might not include in your wedding:

Skills, experience, and popularity: these are key points. Would you travel all the way to get married in Italy and entrust yourself to an unknown and cheap photographer? Remember that photographs from your special day will be the only tangible memory! Although, this doesn’t mean that a young photographer won’t be good. Just ask him to show you some photoshoots to check out his work!




Your wedding location: is your wedding venue close to where your chosen wedding photographer Italy lives? Travel costs should be covered by the spouses. If the photographer travels by car, you will have to reimburse him a given fare per km. If he needs to catch a train or an airplane, you will normally have to pay for it.


daniele torella fotografo matrimonio roma


The number of assistants: some work by themselves, other in pair or more. The weds can usually decide how many professionals want in their entourage. The number of guests is something you have to consider as well. If it is a very intimate wedding, then the main photographer will be enough. If it is a celebration with many friends and relatives, then you might need assistance as well.


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Hours of work: How many hours you need your wedding photographer for? This is something you really need to think of. If he has to work from early morning to late night, of course, the price of a wedding photographer Italy will be higher than the one requested if you need him for the time of the celebrations.


daniele torella fotografo matrimonio roma


Photo editing: remember that the work of your wedding photographer Italy doesn’t finish straight after the wedding, but it continues after in what is called photo editing. Depending on your requests, it might take more or less time.



Other services: elope and engagement photos are a service that most of the Italian wedding photographers do, but most of the time they not included in the price. Same with extra shooting, such as bridal portraits or similar.


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Extra: in the price of a wedding photographer in Italy, just like the travel costs, are not including accommodation and meals’ costs, but you can easily arrange it with your photographer.


daniele torella fotografo matrimonio roma


Always consider that behind every photo shooting there is always a lot of previous work, and that every click has a study behind. This mean that you should entrust yourself to a good wedding photographer Italy: someone that knows his country best is surely someone you can rely on!

Last but not least, never be afraid to ask for a price quotation: how much does a wedding photographer cost in Italy? Just when you do so, be clear on what are your requests, your desires and your needs so that we can be as accurate as possible.

If you want to have more information and know how much does a wedding photographer cost in Italy, please do not hesitate to contact me!


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