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Daniele Torella, creative photographer for a luxury wedding


The wedding is a wonderful, unforgettable day, in which the couple decides to swear eternal love to each other, for life. Everything must be perfect: the clothes, the decorations, the place. Italy is the best setting for a fairytale day, not everyone can afford the ceremony in the most romantic nation in the world, where history, art and culture are the setting for beautiful cities, rich in monuments, bathed by the sea, surrounded by hills or even mountains that make everything more spectacular, almost magical. The photos will be beautiful and precise, almost palpable, of intimate and happy moments, of smiles, tears and joy. And only Daniele Torella, one of  the best fine art wedding photographer in Italy, can enclose all these emotions in his photographs. Through a tailor-made wedding photo shoot, she will be able to transmit all your love to those who will relive those moments by observing her shots, taken with extreme skill and precision.

Elegant, creative and modern photographer to document your most fascinating days.

 fotografo creativo per un matrimonio di lusso

Daniele Torella is the perfect photographer for an elegant, creative and at the same time very modern wedding in Italy. Here on the website you can see some of the most romantic love stories he has immortalized over the years. Passionate about photography since he was a child, in 2009 he understood that his true vocation is to represent through his images the most beautiful moments of people and their joy, without neglecting beauty and elegance. His photos can immortalize your entire life path, his shots are not limited to the wedding, if you wish they can also portray your engagement and future pregnancy, making your journey together truly unique and unforgettable.

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If the choice of the couple is to celebrate a luxury wedding, even the photos must be up to the situation, every single shot must be perfect. Daniele Torella will be able to do all this through his work, thanks to his great ability to best capture the essence of an unforgettable day. He does not take the usual static and discounted shots, he prefers to follow you throughout the day and just like an invisible observer will be able to capture every little smile, all the tenderness, the most beautiful and romantic moments of your wedding.

Reliving the ceremony through photographs, almost as if they were in motion is the real essence of a photoshoot of a luxury wedding, in which everything is truly unique, perfect, and unforgettable. And, in case you can’t celebrate your most beautiful day in Italy, you could also choose to contact him to immortalize your pre-wedding holidays, thus remembering your happy days as a couple and being able to also use one of his photos as a souvenir for the guests. on their wedding day.

Check out in my Portfolio to see some of the photographs that represent Daniele Torella’s vision of marriage, made up of lights, shadows and real moments, in which you can perceive the great connection that exists between the spouses. All this is possible not only thanks to his skill, but also to the ability of the spouses to choose beautiful and enchanting places that allow him to best express his art.

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miglior fotografo di matrimonio fine art in Italia

And it is precisely for the beauty that Italy can offer and for Daniele’s desire to always discover new places that he has decided to work as well in Rome as  in the rest of the Boot, and abroad.

But where to get married in Italy? Rome, the Eternal City, considered one of the most beautiful in the world thanks to its history, its monuments and the magnificent cultural heritage that characterizes it. Celebrating the wedding inside one of the fantastic villas or estates that are located in the capital is truly a privilege for a few, as well as having fantastic souvenir photos while walking near the Colosseum or in Piazza di Spagna. 

Also in central Italy, there is Tuscany with its small villages, the views made up of rolling hills and bucolic countryside. With its excellent cuisine, wines and immense and extraordinary historical heritage.


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A little further south there are the characteristic terraces overlooking the sea of ​​the Amalfi Coast, full of vineyards and orchards that offer an incomparable spectacle, especially at sunset.



The easternmost region of Italy is Puglia, represented by its magnificent trulli, by the countryside surrounded by olive groves, by the splendid coasts on which beautiful weddings can be celebrated, surrounded by a dream landscape.

And how can we forget Venice, a real work of art, through its fairytale landscapes it gives all spouses a romantic atmosphere, truly unique in the world. And only such a romantic and particular city can give the bride and the groom a unique and exciting arrival, in a gondola, accompanied by a violinist and the gentle rustle of the water. 

Spending a wonderful and unforgettable day for your wedding is very important, but it is also very important to keep precious memories that represent the whole event in the most realistic way possible, so that you can relive it whenever you want by simply observing a photograph. And Daniele Torella’s ability is precisely this: being able to immortalize on the photos all the joy, care and love of a cheerful but extremely intimate moment for the couple.

His skill and experience will allow you to bring home a part of the fantastic Italian landscapes while they will frame your most beautiful and special day of your life.

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