Best wedding photographer 2022 in Italy

Miglior Fotografo in Italia 2022

The wedding is a very important event, therefore it is good to organize it in the best way, so that everything is flawless. Many factors need to be taken into consideration, such as the clothes, the location, the wedding favors, the catering and the photographer. 

I am Daniele Torella, a professional photographer in Rome. In my long experience as a photographer, I have had the opportunity to work throughout Italy and abroad. I know how important it is to take every detail into account for an excellent result. 

In a wedding photoshoot, the location, the lighting, the decorations, the colors of the clothes come into play. I love portraying people’s faces, catching their eyes, bringing out the emotion that underlies every wedding, conveying the atmosphere that has been created, through the details. The colors of the sky, the hugs of lovers, the joyful face of the guests, the spontaneous gestures of children are the key elements of my photo shoots, made in reportage style, because I consider authenticity a value.


Fotografo in Italia 2022

If you are looking for the best photographer in Italy 2022, do not hesitate to contact me. It is not for me to say, but the acknowledgments obtained during my photographic career, the photo shoots, and the appreciation received by the couples who have chosen me to date speak up for me. If you live abroad and plan to get married in Italy, no problem: we can get to know each other remotely and plan everything down to the smallest detail. I have already worked with foreign couples, English can become our common language! 

Italy is, not surprisingly, defined as the Bel Paese: from North to South, there are locations that seem to have been created on purpose by nature to frame an event as romantic as a wedding.


How to choose the perfect photographer for your wedding


One of the most important professional figures for an adequate organization of the ceremony is certainly the photographer: the goal is to capture the most exciting and happy moments, creating memories that can be relived at any time.

The choice of the photographer is essential, which is made following a very specific process.

It is necessary:


If you are thinking of getting married in 2022, I guess so many questions are running over in your head! When should I contact the photographer? How can I choose the best one, in tune with our personality and our way of life? What are the contractual terms? Let’s find out together… knowing full well that these are not fixed steps, but only suggestions for tidying up a bit.


matrimonio a casina di poggio della rota

Decide the date of the event

When will you get married? In spring or autumn? Choosing the date of the event is a fundamental step because the whole organization depends on it. Choose the spring season, if you prefer an outdoor ceremony, or the winter season if you love nostalgic atmospheres. Would you like to get married by the sea, or in the high mountains? Summer could be fine too, as long as you take into account the temperature, which can be a bitter enemy. In this case, also carefully establish the time of the ceremony: a beautiful sunrise or a beautiful sunset can solve any problem and create the right atmosphere, even in August. Define the date, before contacting the photographer, so that you can evaluate their availability in advance.


matrimonio a casina di poggio della rota

Define the style of the event

Before even looking for the right photographer for the ceremony, it is essential to understand what the style of the event will be and what your needs are. Would you like a themed wedding? Do you prefer traditional photographs or would you like to leave room for creativity and freedom? Yay or nay to family photos? Is the reportage style, based on maximum naturalness, in your strings? Start imagining the style you would like for your wedding, in order to choose the photographer most in line with your personality.


matrimonio hippie

Evaluate the budget available

I know, it may seem venal to talk about money, when all that matters is the love that binds you and the wonderful day you are about to live… But this is also an element to take into consideration, because it significantly affects the choice of the photographer. An adequate budget allows you to have a photographer available from morning to evening, with all the related services, such as an inspection before the event and an accurate post production.


matrimonio hippie

Search for the photographer

The research of the photographer must be conducted well in advance in order not to risk organizing in an incorrect way. Photographers, in fact, are always very busy, especially if they are in high demand. It is essential to start the research at least 6 months in advance so that you can properly choose the professional figure you need. Who’s going to be the best photographer in 2022? Search the web, read customer reviews, look carefully at the photoshoots made, talk to your friends: create a list and contact your favorite photographers, the one that most impressed your sensitivity. If I am one of these, do not hesitate to write or call me: I will be happy to meet you and discuss with you, putting all my experience at your disposal.


matrimonio hippie

Meet/get to know the photographer

Once the possible professionals for the event have been identified, it is advisable to organize an interview in order to establish contact with the photographers and to understand their skills and their style. For an efficient choice, it is essential to understand how he works and his style. It is of fundamental importance to raise doubts and questions so that we can be as transparent and clear as possible.

When choosing, it is essential to remember not only to evaluate technical skills but also to consider the relationship to be established with the photographer on a personal level. Working with an unpleasant person with whom you have little feeling is counterproductive and could damage the organization of the event. In my experience as a professional wedding photographer, I have welcomed countless couples in my studio in Rome with great pleasure, but when the distance prevented it, it was also nice to get to know each other via Skype and meet in person only on the day of the event. Thanks to the new means of communication, everything becomes easy!


matrimonio in svizzera

Evaluate a formula/contract

After contacting the photographers who most seem to meet your needs, it is important to concretely evaluate the quote and make a decision. The contract is a fundamental component for the final choice of the photographer, so it must be clear, legible, and transparent. In fact, it is necessary to include the services offered and the extras, everything must be specified according to a specific date and time. Post-production work must also be contextualized, so as to precisely define delivery times

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Why foreigners love to get married in Italy?


Italy has always been a spectacular place to celebrate ceremonies because it offers astonishing locations. The beautiful Italian coasts, the hilly landscapes of central Italy, Rome – the eternal city, or the historic cities that wind from North to South are perfect settings for a wedding. Another very important aspect is the gastronomic one: the Italian culinary art is unparalleled, from appetizers and aperitifs to impeccable second courses, up to delicious desserts.

Two other aspects to consider are:

1) The trip to Italy does not cost much, the price is very affordable both for airlines and for hotels. Any guests can easily reach you: it will be an opportunity to get to know this country and to … fall in love with it!

2) The weather conditions in Italy are favorable: a lot depends on the season and the area, but the sun is often a good ally. The springs and autumns, in particular, offer mild days, ideal for an outdoor wedding.

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Why getting married in Italy?


As already mentioned, Italy is a place rich in landscapes and innovative and particular structures. Each city presents its beauties and its culture through specific works of art and places. Furthermore, the seaside areas allow you to celebrate your wedding in beautiful locations, which will certainly be appreciated by guests as well.

Italy is a place rich in history, art and culture, there are many works of art and typical places to visit, particularly suitable also for the celebration of the honeymoon.

The style of the photography


Not all photo shoots are the same, on the contrary! For a photoshoot to be optimal, it must perfectly reflect the personality of the couple, so it must be absolutely tailor-made. In principle, however, it is possible to distinguish between different photographic styles:

  • Classic photos; are the most common, it is the simple shooting of posing subjects, with clean close-ups and basic effects.
  • Artistic photo; is very widespread and appreciated, at the base of this type of image there is creativity and originality.
  • Fashion photos: they give the image an alternative aspect and meaning, at the base, there are in fact theatricalization and dramatization.

Which photographic style do you prefer? Choosing the best photographer in Italy 2022 also means choosing a photographer who prefers your same photographic style. Maximum harmony is always a good starting point for impeccable services!

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Choosing the location


The cost of the photographer depends on many elements. As previously analyzed, the photographic shots taken during the day come into play, but also the post-production work or the inspection service: everything must be carried out with the utmost care, to achieve a high-level result. Contact me to receive a quote … but first of all, we need to get to know each other! Because it is important to perceive your expectations well, in order to modulate a personalized quote on your requests.

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I hope I have helped you in your search for the best photographer in Italy 2022! If you wish to know me, do not hesitate to write to me. Whether you reside in Italy or abroad, it doesn’t matter! In the meantime, I invite you to take a look at my photoshoots, read the reviews of my clients and visit my social page: it will be a first step to understand if I can be the photographer you are looking for. If you like the photoshoots I have done, if my way of working is your way … here I am, with the commitment to create a wedding photoshoot more beautiful than any dream!