Bohemian wedding in Italy

Matrimonio Bohemian in Italia

Bohemian chic wedding: what is it? 


Choosing a Bohemian chic wedding, also called Boho Chic, is definitely an interesting and alternative idea, able to make your wedding day unique and unforgettable.
But what does a Boho Chic wedding mean? Let’s discover all the features!

The essential element to celebrate a ceremony with this style is nature and the outdoors. The choice of location must be evaluated on the basis of this feature, even better if the rite is also celebrated outdoors. The centrality of nature is also found in the decorations, of central importance are the flowers.

The style of boho chic weddings must be, of course, rustic and wild, with the introduction of some vintage or hippie elements. Also the lights are very important for creating an even more romantic atmosphere.


Participation in a Bohemian Wedding

Participations are an important part of marriage, anticipating what’s going to be your big day. Of fundamental importance is to be clear and indicate all the necessary information, so that there are no misunderstandings, also must make clear immediately the type of marriage to which the participants were invited.

When holding a Boho Chic wedding, it is important that the typical characteristics of receptions with this style are reflected in the invitations, both for a practical and for an aesthetic issue, for an outdoor wedding a certain type of outfit is indicated.

To clarify the Boho Chic style it is possible to embellish the participations with elements of nature, such as flowers, combined with rustic or vintage elements: essential characteristics of this style.

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Flowers at a Bohemian Wedding

Flowers at a Bohemian Wedding

Flowers are an essential element for Boho Chic weddings, as they are an integral part of the surrounding nature. For this reason, to have a common thread with your location in the open air, it is best indicated the use of wild flowers, or in general seasonal flowers, better if the color is bright and lively. Not recommended instead too artificial flowers, as they do not do justice to the theme of the reception.

The flowers, in this type of ceremonies, have different uses: from the classic bouquet of the bride, to the decorations, but they can also be used to embellish the hair, with a little crown, either as decoration on the participations or on the placeholders at the table.

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Photos at a Bohemian Wedding

Foto da un Matrimonio Bohemian

The photos in a wedding are of fundamental importance, they have the task of forever imprinting one of the most beautiful days of the life of the bride and groom. When you choose to celebrate a Boho Chic wedding you expect a certain type of photo, let’s find out what these features are:

The photos will certainly be taken in the open air, as this is one of the essential elements of marriage, therefore surrounded by greenery. They will therefore be colorful and full of natural elements, such as flowers, trees, the lawn, even better if the photos are taken at sunset, when the light warms the atmosphere. The photos will also have an ethnic and vintage style.

In any case, if you choose to entrust yourself to Daniele Torella as your photographer, we will agree together on the most preferred methods!

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The advantages of a Bohemian Wedding

Holding a wedding in Boho Chic style has many advantages, it’s a style that manages to combine nature, elegance and intimacy. Having an open-air reception has its strengths, it comes to create a warmer and familiar atmosphere, the use of outdoor lights also makes it even more magical.

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Bohemian wedding when to choose it?

Choosing this type of style for your wedding is indicated mainly when the season is good, summer and spring, as they are the periods most suitable for the choice of an outdoor location.

In addition, you must be a lover of nature and rustic, with notes a bit vintage and hippie. Also suitable for those who prefer a less formal situation than classic weddings, and want to create a simple and intimate atmosphere.

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Bohemian wedding location

Location per un Matrimonio Bohemian

To choose the right location for your Boho Chic wedding you need to follow a series of tips, so that the style of your reception is in line with your location.

It is preferable to opt for a place that has large outdoor spaces, the green must dominate the scene, even better if the gardens are covered with trees and flowers.

Another element to look for in your search are the rustic details, the location can be an old farmhouse or an old stable: perfect historical places, with stones in sight and ivy climbing on the main facade.  

I made some photo shoots in locations suitable for a Boho Chic wedding, come and discover:


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Bohemian wedding cake

Bohemian wedding cake

Even in the choice of the cake the most suitable choice is creativity, the classic wedding cake is not the best choice.

You can opt for a cake that recalls nature, with the use of fresh seasonal fruit and ingredients at km 0 or with floral decorations. Another valid alternative is the Naked Cake, a cake without coverage, a simple choice but in line with the Boho Chic theme

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Always putting first professionalism and experience I will follow you wherever you decide to celebrate your wedding in boho chic style!

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