Wedding 2022 in Italy: latest ideas and trends

Idee matrimonio e ultime tendenze matrimonio 2022 in Italia


In order to plan the best wedding 2022 in Italy, it is fundamental to acknowledge all the trends foreseen for next year. Upcoming weddings will be intimate and, more than likely, will take place outdoors, at the beach or in the countryside.
Let’s have a closer look on the latest trends for 2022 and how weddings in Italy will be celebrated next year. 



Evening celebrations

Celebrazioni serali

2022 will be the year of evening celebrations: religious or civil ceremonies will take place in the afternoon followed by receptions and wedding parties accompanied by twilights and stars. Evening celebrations all have their very own charm, thanks to the darkness of the night lit up by the light of many candles all around the location.
One of 2022 wedding in Italy trends, in fact, will be choosing late afternoon or evening to get married. The goal? Give life to a magical and romantic day. Light design will create a romantic, intimate and welcoming scenography. In addition to candles, a real must for weddings with evening celebrations are cascading and suspended light. A Plus? Create a fake starry sky by playing with mini LED lights. Furthermore, when cutting the cake, guests can be involved using the stars (yes, those ones also used to celebrate New Year’s Eve): a truly unforgettable effect.

Outdoor weddings

matrimonio all'aperto

A growing trend that will see an exploit for weddings in Italy in 2022 is choosing to celebrate the wedding on the beach. Italy also lends itself very well to this trend with thousands of kilometers of coastline with truly wonderful views and beaches.The trend of beach weddings has become more and more popular especially by those married couples who opt for the civil ceremony and want to celebrate everything in a single location, yet in an original way. Perfect for summer and evening celebrations, weddings on the beach will be a constant presence that will affect the entire 2022 season. The wedding on the sea undoubtedly has a unique atmosphere, characterized by beautiful colors and perfect for celebrations in the late afternoon, when the beach is illuminated by the magical colors of the sunset.

Among the main ideas for the 2022 wedding we undoubtedly find the boho chic style. This is a perfect trend for alternative spouses who want to give their wedding an informal touch. Once again, the boho chic style confirms the 2022 trend of outdoor weddings, in contexts surrounded by greenery and floral decorations with a “wild & free” taste. A boho chic wedding must follow nature as a guiding thread with particular attention to details and is perfectly suited to the spring and summer period even if another of the wedding trends of the future sees the celebrations increasing during autumn. For summer you can choose to use pastel colors such as sage green or baby blue. As for autumn boho chic weddings, it is preferable to focus on the shades of the season with warmer shades such as burgundy or orange. It is characterized by a mixed style, elegant and a little hippie, in a rather informal and relaxed mood.

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The intimate wedding or Micro Wedding


The weddings of the future will focus on a restricted and intimate atmosphere, as confirmed by the trends for weddings in Italy in 2022, increasingly based on the so-called “Intimate Wedding” with few guests but with a lot of magic. Choosing an intimate and small celebration is ideal for married couples who do not like to be the center of attention and want to experience their wedding day surrounded only by really important people, those with whom they share special moments. Furthermore, the Intimate Wedding can count on several practical and economic advantages, reducing the costs of locations, gadgets, and favors. In addition to being one of the main trends of 2022, the Intimate Wedding is the right wedding for the newlyweds who want to give the right attention to each guest, taking care of the wedding in every detail. Even if you choose to celebrate your wedding in a cozier way, you need to pay the right attention to entertainment, perhaps choosing a band that can create the right atmosphere and involves all the guests present.

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Eco-Friendly Wedding


One of the main trends for the 2022 wedding in Italy is undoubtedly that of eco-friendly. Nature becomes the protagonist of the wedding with an increasing number of couples who feel close to the theme of pollution and the environment. Respecting the planet and making conscious choices, therefore, will also affect weddings in 2022. For weddings that respect these parameters, we will start by choosing suppliers who follow a modus operandi with sustainable ethics. In these weddings colors reminiscent of nature and rural and simple elements such as wood, green (in all its possible shades) and simple seasonal flowers will be the absolute protagonists. As for the fittings, on the other hand, the green light is given to elements made of natural fibers such as cotton or raw jute. The eco-friendly wedding is easily comparable to those in-country or shabby style, already much loved by the spouses even in past years.

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Getting married is a unique, unforgettable moment, a day that is planned in every smallest detail, with plans and ideas that begin to take shape even a year earlier. If you are looking for the right photographer for your wedding contact me for a wedding photo shoot in Italy. The style of the reportage will be ideal not to miss a single detail of that magical day and relive it every time you browse your album.