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Getting married in the mountains

4 September 2020
sposarsi in montagna

Getting married in the mountains For years, as a child, my summer holidays have had the name of a place, always the same, but never identical to itself for the great variety of experiences and sensat...


The launch of rice

13 August 2020
lancio del riso

The launch of rice The most festive and liberating moment of any wedding ceremony is for me the throwing of rice. It is only a moment and lasts just the time of a shot, but perhaps never as here the ...


Dog at the wedding

29 July 2020
Cani al matrimonio

Dog at the wedding? Yes or no? I know that many would not understand why a dog should be brought to a wedding. Someone could motivate the choice to include a dog at a wedding among the guests, exclus...


Wedding in December

10 July 2020
matrimonio a dicembre

Wedding in December The first time I received a request from a couple who had decided to get married in December, I do not hide that I had more than one perplexity. There seemed to me too many risks ...


Composition in wedding photography

13 May 2020
la composizione nella fotografia di matrimonio

Composition in wedding photography The world of wedding photography has changed a lot over the past 10 years. Thanks to the help of technology and continuous research, in a rather short time we have ...


The family photo shoot

29 April 2020
il servizio fotografico di famiglia a roma

The quarantine is over and the bad times we've all been through now seem to be behind us. Now more than ever we all feel the need to be outdoors, with loved ones and perhaps in the midst of nature. Ma...


Best Italian Wedding Album of the year 2019

11 April 2020
matrimonio villa oltre il giardino

The Anfm Contest "Best Italian Wedding Album of the year" is definitely the most difficult Italian contest of wedding photography. It's not about a single photo but it's about a whole wedding story. I...


Father’s Day

19 March 2020
Fotografo matrimonio Roma

The Father's Day, is the perfect day to show your father how special he is, how he can be both a guide and a pillar, how indispensable his figure is within the family. The Dad, especially the bride...


10 venues for a dream wedding in Tuscany

5 July 2019

Tuscany is a land full of scents, colors, suggestive spots. In my experience as a photographer I have welcomed here both couples from Italy and from all over the world: Tuscany has always satisfied al...