Those who follow me know that I have been taking part in national and international contests of wedding photography for many years now. I believe that getting involved with professionals from all over the world is a way to never be satisfied, to confront and improve more and more. Over the last few years I have to say that I have had some important satisfactions: Premio Silvia Agus, Best Italian Wedding Album, Finalist for 4 years in a row as Photographer of the Year worldwide.

Until now, however, I had not yet happened to be on the other side and that is why I was really happy when I received the call from Inspriation Photographers, the most important photography association in Brazil, in which I was asked to act as judge for the next contest. Of course I accepted with great pleasure and I am proud to share this responsibility with two great international photographers: Denise Motz from Holland and Albert Pamies from Spain.



The photos in competition are 2761 in all and certainly judging them one by one will not be an easy job but it will certainly be a further possibility of growth for me and I can’t wait to start this new adventure!