For a photographer like me who prefers to document the most significant moments spontaneously, kids at a weddings are certainly a resource and a continuous solicitation to create unrepeatable and unique images. Adjectives to give an idea of ​​what one can expect when kids are protagonists in a wedding, but, beyond the most obvious and obvious ones, only with careful observation, one realizes that that what characterizes them most is their being free.


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This freedom is as if he attributed a particular power or merit to them because they often manage by themselves to play down moments of tension, to upset certain rigidities, to create movement in an excessively stiff script. For a photographer who is convinced that spontaneity is the best translation of any story told by images, kids at a weddings are like actors and they are capable of surprising every moment.


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There are those who enter the part and play it by simulating a demeanor, trying to ape the grown-ups, those who, more casually, indulge in attitudes that have little to do with the protocol, those who escape for a moment in another world staying with their eyes lost in one point, those who get bored and try to recreate a game with the little that they have available, those who merely observe do not know how much awareness is around them, those who are tired and abandon themselves legitimately to whims and rebellion..


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Whether they are the couple’s children or simple guests, page boys or bridesmaids, more or less involved in the part they have to play in the representation of the rite, their behavior is almost always characterized by freedom. Free to move, to isolate yourself, to get distracted, to break the labels, not to follow the rules. There is hardly the time or opportunity to enjoy all the expressions that children can offer at a wedding. We pass from sweetness to irreverence, from spontaneity to somewhat forced simulation of attention, from enchantment and amazement to an involuntary comedy


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There are many opportunities to be seized and not exploiting them is really losing the best images of the service. Children at the wedding amplify the possibility of tracing the emotions and sensations related to that day in every photo and also allows an incredible variety of shots. Participating in the preparation of the spouses, the child with his father and the child with his mother, with the scene always poised between the almost sacred solemnity of the moment and the somewhat chaotic confusion created by their presence, is a situation full of ideas.


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The photos of the spouses with their children next to them are not only that of a promise to weld a bond that hopefully will last forever, but they are the testimony of a certainty, that of an already created family that is only strengthening its union and he is doing in front of and for his children. It is generally said that all children are beautiful, probably not true, but certainly everything that comes from their freedom is beautiful. For this reason, photographing a wedding with kids is almost like being with half the work already done.


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