A jewish wedding in Italy

Matrimonio Ebraico Roma

Although Italy is a country with a Christian majority, there is still the possibility of celebrating other types of religious marriage, such as Jewish marriage.

The rites and customs of this type of marriage are many, as are many places available in Italy where you can celebrate the union of the bride and groom, let’s find out everything in this article:


How to celebrate Jewish marriage

Jewish marriage is certainly an event rich in culture, symbolism, customs and, of course, religious faith.

The premises for a Jewish marriage are mainly two. Both spouses must belong to Judaism, otherwise conversion must first take place. There are also limitations to the day of marriage, which can not be celebrated during religious holidays, such as Passover, nor during the last three weeks of summer and nor at sunset on Fridays or Saturdays, as there is the Shabbat.

On the wedding day the bride will wear a white dress, while the groom can choose between a white Kittel or a Tallìt. The ceremony will be held under a canopy, called in tradition the Chuppah or Huppàh, and will be celebrated by the rabbi.

The most significant customs of this type of marriage are numerous. During the ceremony the rabbi blesses a glass of wine from which both spouses will drink, then a second cup is blessed, which is broken by the groom beating him.

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Location for Jewish wedding


In Italy there is a wide choice of locations where you can celebrate a Jewish wedding. But, in addition to the availability of facilities in which to celebrate the next reception, there are also many alternatives with regard to the Synagogues.

The most suggestive synagogues are:

  • Rome: with his Jewish ghetto, in which there are 5 synagogues
  • Florence: here is one of the oldest and most significant Jewish communities in Italy
  • Venice: 2 synagogues are open regularly at the rite and are located in the Jewish ghetto


Let’s discover some of the locations where you can celebrate a Jewish wedding:

Borgo di Tragliata 

On the outskirts of Rome is this historic house, surrounded by the green hills of Lazio. Located on a tufa spur is a place with enchanting charm. This village will be the perfect setting for a Jewish wedding, perfect outdoor locations with rustic style.

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Villa Aurelia 

Location with romantic charm, Villa Aurelia is located in the city of love: Rome. This historic villa dominates the city from above, being positioned on top of the Janiculum, offering unique views. The fairytale beauty of this place is found both in the interior, with antique furnishings, both in the exterior, cared for in detail to make your wedding special.

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Casale di Polline 

Rustic and refined combine in this magical location. Casale di Polline is a historic farmhouse just minutes from the center of Rome. From this place you can enjoy a panoramic view of the Anguillara Sabazia, Lake Bracciano, green fields and hills. It is composed of large outdoor spaces, quiet, intimate and immersed in the scent of lavender.

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Villa Giovanelli Fogaccia 

This exclusive location, the current home of the Giovanelli Princes, is a luxurious and spectacular place. Located in Rome is included in the Italian register of excellence, its charm is in its history. Villa Giovanelli Fogaccia is composed of an ancient stone facade, the perfect backdrop for an outdoor Jewish wedding.

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Effectiveness of Jewish marriage in Italy

Efficacia del Matrimonio Ebraico in Italia

In Italy there is the possibility of celebrating a Jewish marriage, as Judaism has reached agreements with the Italian State so that civil effects are recognized at wedding ceremonies.

In order to celebrate the marriage properly, however, there are some precautions to follow. The religious rite must be celebrated by an Italian citizen minister, qualified and certified by the Union of Italian Jewish Communities. This is crucial for the validation of marriage.

In addition, as is the case for other types of marriages, at the end of the function are read the articles of the Civil Code that regulate marriage, with the subsequent transcription in the registers of civil status.

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