Wedding at Villa Giovanelli Fogaccia

Rachele and Demetrio are indeed the two fantastic guys I had the pleasure to photograph last September. It was a very special and elegant wedding, but this should have been taken for granted as Rachele is a fashion designer and has taylored her wedding dress by herself. This had never happened to me before!
The beautiful ceremony took place at the very heart of Roma (Church of San Bartolomeo nell’Isola Tiberina). After a few shots on the Lungotevere all went to fest at Villa Giovanelli Fogaccia, indeed a very charming location for wedding. Here is a selection of shoots from the reportage of their wedding.

Villa_Giovanelli-2 Villa_Giovanelli-3 Villa_Giovanelli-4 Villa_Giovanelli-5 Villa_Giovanelli-6 Villa_Giovanelli-7 Villa_Giovanelli-8 Villa_Giovanelli-9 Villa_Giovanelli-10 Villa_Giovanelli-11 Villa_Giovanelli-12 Villa_Giovanelli-14 Villa_Giovanelli-15 Villa_Giovanelli-16 Villa_Giovanelli-17 Villa_Giovanelli-18 Villa_Giovanelli-19 Villa_Giovanelli-20 Villa_Giovanelli-21 Villa_Giovanelli-22 Villa_Giovanelli-23 Villa_Giovanelli-24 Villa_Giovanelli-25 Villa_Giovanelli-26 Villa_Giovanelli-27 Villa_Giovanelli-28 Villa_Giovanelli-29 Villa_Giovanelli-30 Villa_Giovanelli-32 Villa_Giovanelli-33 Villa_Giovanelli-34 Villa_Giovanelli-35 Villa_Giovanelli-36 Villa_Giovanelli-37 Villa_Giovanelli-38 Villa_Giovanelli-39 Villa_Giovanelli-40 Villa_Giovanelli-41 Villa_Giovanelli-42 Villa_Giovanelli-43 Villa_Giovanelli-44 Villa_Giovanelli-45 Villa_Giovanelli-46 Villa_Giovanelli-47 Villa_Giovanelli-50 Villa_Giovanelli-51 Villa_Giovanelli-52 Villa_Giovanelli-54 Villa_Giovanelli-55 Villa_Giovanelli-57