I needed a few days to digest it all but now it’s time to say a few words about my experience in Matera, where I had the honor of being one of the Masters of the National Association of Wedding Photographers event. On the first day, I was called upon to serve as a judge for the association’s annual Photo Contest. For me it was not the first time, but it is one thing to do it at home in front of the computer, another to be live in front of so many people in the room and connected from home. After analyzing more than 700 shots, I found that I had a very similar vision of photography to some colleagues, while with other judges I almost came to a clash. Some of the photos I took down, many I appreciated, and others I defended with a knife between my teeth. What I didn’t expect, however, is that analyzing the photographs of others would allow me to better analyze my own, and that’s why I feel that this experience will prove to be fundamental for my personal growth.


On the second day came the most anticipated moment, at least for me, that of my talk. I wasn’t interested in talking so much about equipment, marketing or photographic techniques, nor was I interested in being a professor. I didn’t want to educate, I wanted to communicate.
And that’s why I decided that for two consecutive hours I would speak without filters, making myself known for what I am, with my strengths but above all with my weaknesses. For the first time, I told about my journey and how photography has managed to pull me out of that self-destructive spiral in which I had been stuck for a long, long time. The hugs, the handshakes and the many messages I received at the end are memories that I will cherish forever and I thank everyone who approached me even if only to give me a smile.



Instead, here are a few shots I took in beautiful Matera between one break and another of the event.