matrimonio a santorini


Santorini is one of the most beautiful Greek islands. Breathtaking sunsets, fascinating archaeological sites, wonderful beaches – there are so many places to see in this paradise. When think about Santorini, you cannot stop to think about the possibility of choosing it as the location for your wedding.

The best day of a couple’s life experienced in a setting like this can only remain in their hearts forever. If you are thinking of planning your wedding in Santorini, in the next few lines of this article you can discover some practical tips to bring a memorable event to life.



matrimonio a santorini

Find out how to get married in Santorini, documents needed prices and locations

When you decide to get married in Santorini, you also need to consider the bureaucratic aspect. What documents are required for a wedding on this wonderful Greek island? Here is the complete list:

Birth certificates of both bride and groom characterized by the presence of the parents’ names. The certificates must be issued on international models and translated with subsequent       certification by the Greek embassy;
Certificate of Marital Capacity (in this case, no translation is required);
Certificates of marital status;
– Photocopies of passports and identity cards;
– Copies of former spouses’ death certificates, if any, if one of the newlyweds is a widower;
– Copy of divorce decree, if any, if either of the newlyweds has a failed marriage behind them.


matrimonio a santorini

How much does it cost to get married in Santorini?

In addition to the bureaucratic burdens required for the documents mentioned above, one must, of course, consider those for paying for the event. It all depends on the details of the same. Just to give some numbers, let’s remember that for some sea view terraces on the island, you can pay up to 4,000/4,500 euros. Factors such as the number of guests and the peculiarities of the arrangements also contribute to the cost.

At this point, it is natural to ask what are the most fascinating locations where to have your wedding in Santorini. The choice is really very wide and includes several hotels, beaches and beach bars about which we will talk more in the next lines of this article.



Why get married in Santorini

Why get married in Santorini? The reason is very simple: it is one of the islands with the most romantic and fascinating views in Greece and beyond. From the village of Pyrgos to the resort of Imerovigli, there are several breathtaking spots that, by the time they are chosen for the most beautiful day for any couple, make the atmosphere nothing short of wonderful.


matrimonio a santorini

Best time for wedding in Santorini

The best time to get married in Santorini is between April and June. So many couples also choose to get married in September and October. Wedding experts recommend avoiding the peak summer season months, namely July and August, both because of the heat and the high number of tourists.


matrimonio a santorini

Best Santorini wedding locations

In the next lines, let’s see together some of the most beautiful locations to choose for your wedding in Santorini.

Rocabella Santorini

The Rocabella Hotel is one of the most striking locations when it comes to weddings in Santorini. Internationally recognized as one of the most beautiful hotels on the island, it is famous for both the Axinos restaurant and the wonderful sea-view terrace, perfect for wedding receptions.

Andromeda Santorini

The Andromeda Hotel, located in Imerovigli, is another fantastic landmark when it comes to Santorini wedding venues. Also featuring a breathtaking sea view, it is known for the excellence of its suites and the opportunity to be pampered by fantastic spa treatments.

matrimonio a santorini


Documents needed to get married in Santorini

After the general list in the previous paragraphs, let us now get into the specifics of the documents needed to get married in Santorini.

Passport photocopy

The document in question must, of course, be valid. To get married, the passports of both bride and groom are required.

Birth certificate and marital status

As mentioned in the previous lines, a certified translation is required for the birth certificate. In this case, you have to take into account the payment of a service surcharge of about 40 euros (in addition to the cost of the actual translation).

Certificate of Marital Capacity

Issued in Italy by the civil registrar, it is a document certifying that the individual citizen meets all the requirements to enter into marriage.


matrimonio a santorini


Santorini wedding ideas

There’s no denying it: there are several breathtaking venues to plan a wedding in Santorini. Those who are thinking of an informal ceremony but capable of touching the hearts of their guests can also consider famous beach bars such as the Wonder Beach Club and the Chilli Beach Bar. Beaches, overlooking one of the most beautiful seas in the world, also always have their why!


matrimonio a santorini

Wedding photos in Santorini

For a noteworthy wedding, a quality photo shoot is essential. Regardless of the style, it is essential to hire a professional who has experience taking shots in special locations such as beaches.

If you are looking for a professional wedding photographer in Santorini, contact me or check out my portfolio!


matrimonio a santorini

How to organize the wedding ceremony in Santorini

To plan your wedding ceremony in Santorini, considering the need to find the documents mentioned above, it is best to start a year in advance.


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