Wedding location in Umbria

Some tips on the most romantic wedding locations in Umbria

Wedding in Umbria

When we talk about the organization of the most beautiful day, as you well know, it is a moment of emotion. There are many aspects to consider and one of the most important is undoubtedly the choice of location. Italy offers a lot in this regard. Among the various alternatives to consider is Umbria, the green lung of Italy. What are the locations not to be missed if you intend to pronounce the fateful yes in this special land? Let’s find out in the next lines.


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Wedding in Umbria: an unforgettable day in a breathtaking setting

Organizing a wedding in Umbria can be a fantastic choice. One of the main reasons is that it is a region characterized by beautiful green areas, as well as villages where time seems to stand still. These scenarios, united by the undisputed hospitality that characterizes the local atmosphere, can only make even more special the most beautiful day. In cases like this, location really makes a difference.


Wedding Umbria


Wedding location in Umbria: which are the best?

When planning to get married in Umbria, there are so many locations to consider. From historic residences, to farmhouses, to villages surrounded by greenery, there is no lack of choice and, as already mentioned, allows you to make even more special the most important day in the life of a couple.




Location civil wedding in Umbria: the perfect solution for the day of yes

Getting married in Church means living the day of yes in a context of great charm. Civil marriage is no exception, especially in cases where you have to deal with special places like Umbria.

You could write pages and pages about the locations to choose for the ceremony. Among these, you can mention a breathtaking place like the ancient village San Pietro Acquaeortus. Founded in the distant eleventh century by the Guglielmiti monks, it later came under the control of the Benedictines. It is a wonderful place located in the area of the Selva di Meana Park, a place suspended in time where you can let go of thoughts and focus only on the love and conviviality that must characterize the day of any wedding.

Those who, while choosing a civil wedding, still love the sacred atmosphere, can consider the many abbeys present in the region. The Abbey of the Seven Friars is very popular for civil weddings. Located in Pietrafitta di Piegaro, province of Perugia, it is characterized by the presence of a large outdoor space.




Farmhouse wedding in Umbria: bucolic atmosphere to celebrate the great loves

When it comes to marriage in Umbria, a land surrounded by greenery, you can not fail to mention the farmhouses. Places where love for the land is located in every corner of the Region.

From the farmhouses near Orvieto, city known for its beautiful cathedral and possible stop for guests who want to extend their stay on site after the wedding, up to those near Assisi, symbol of the Region because of its sacred architecture Unesco World Heritage, there are really many options to choose the location of your wedding.



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Umbria wedding restaurant: conviviality and typical flavors

Even restaurants can be a fantastic idea to celebrate the most beautiful day in Umbria. The typical conviviality of this region is combined with the typical flavors and, above all, the breathtaking locations. When looking for a restaurant for a wedding reception in Umbria, you have the opportunity to select realities that are located inside former convents, monasteries, noble residences, and farmhouses.



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Luxury wedding in Umbria: exclusivity and attention to detail for unforgettable weddings

There is nothing to say: there are so many options to consider when it comes to organizing a wedding in Umbria. Among the various alternatives to keep in mind are luxury weddings. A wedding dedicated to exclusivity, attention to detail and the continuous search for beauty is the dream of any couple.

To make it a reality in Umbria, you can refer to locations such as the Castle of Baccaresca, located in the province of Perugia, but also that of Ramazzano, a wonderful 11th century manor surrounded by the rolling hills typical of the region.



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Umbria wedding photographer: the right mix of experience and creativity

To make your wedding in Umbria even more unforgettable, it is important to choose the right photographer, a professional able to combine in the best way experience and creativity. Thanks to the talent of Daniele Torella, winner of several international awards and specialized in reportage and weddings, you can make the day of your wedding unforgettable, stopping forever the most significant moments of the ceremony and reception.


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