Original presets for Lightroom e Camera Raw

MOVIES, is my new collection of 5 presets for Lightroom, Camera Raw and LR Mobile, specially designed by me, to give back to your photos, that typical look of a movie frame.

Each preset takes its name from a great cinematographic work, proposing tones and contrasts.


movies collection

Eastern Promises

An elegant, mysterious and timeless preset that manages to adapt perfectly to any type of situation.


The Tree of Life

Dramatic yet delicate, it is at its best associated with nature and pristine environments.


Midnight in Paris

Communicate a positive, dreamlike atmosphere thanks to the most saturated and warm preset in the entire collection.



Inspired by Cuaron’s film, “Roma” is a soft, clean and delicate black and white, suitable for every shot.


The Lighthouse

A rough black and white, strongly recognizable and with a vintage look.



Presets, Tool Kit and Installation Guide

In the package, you will also find a collection of tools what will allow you, with a click, to tune the preset according to your own taste: grain, noise reduction, leveling, vignetting and lens correction.

An intuitive PDF will lead you step by step in the installation process, giving some advice to optimize your presets.

If within 24 hours of purchase you still have not received the e-mail with the presets, look in the “Spam” box, it will surely be there. If not, email me at

For any enquiries or doubt you might have, send me an email and I’ll be happy to answer your questions.

Compatible with the latest versions of Lightroom, Camera Raw and LR Mobile. They are tested on the 5 main camera brands : Nikon, Canon, Sony, Fuji and Leica.


49 € ( instead of 69 €)

Once the payment is processed, I'll send you the folder with the presets, the tool kit and the PDF.