In the midst of the Amalfi Coast, between Amalfi and Positano, there is one of the smallest villages in Italy, the enchanting fishing village of Conca dei Marini, just three kilometers of coastline that runs on two levels overlooking the sea, amidst steps, stairways, olive trees, lemon trees, and whitewashed houses. In short, a place of absolute enchantment. Right here lies one of the best translations of the creative genius signed Italy.


Borgo santandrea amalfiBorgo santandrea amalfi


A dream fulfilled, a bet won that took four years of patient waiting, skillful teamwork, and involved architects, designers, garden designers, artisans, and chefs who decided to put all their professionalism and, above all, their passion on the line to realize the restoration of this complex the new attractive reality, which in the coming years will surely make a lot of talk about itself , is a five-star hotel and is called Borgo Santandrea.


Borgo santandrea amalfi


However, the definition of a hotel is narrow to it and is certainly reductive because it in no way renders the idea of the experience that can be had in this place. “Place,” first of all, Borgo Santandrea is a place, that is, a space that is defined and defined, in an exchange of relationship between what it offers and what is offered to it


Borgo santandrea amalfiBorgo santandrea amalfi


The surrounding area gives it beauty, and Borgo Santandrea all of this beauty is not just limited to welcoming it, but it returns it, enhancing it, as in an ideal upward game. To those who might think this consideration exaggerated, only an on-the-spot verification could clear up any doubts. Limiting oneself to describing, even in detail and with a rich set of iconographies, Borgo Santandrea can indeed give an idea of the dream vacation one can expect from a facility like this, it can make one imagine the splendor of the landscape, the elegance of the furnishings, the efficiency of the services offered, the preparation of the staff, but it could never equal the experience of having lived there, even if only for one day.


Borgo santandrea amalfi Borgo santandrea amalfi Borgo santandrea amalfi Borgo santandrea amalfi


A white villa rising on the rock 90 meters above an emerald sea, like the famous Grotta that is there just a stone’s throw away. Getting up there by climbing stairs, steps and overlooking from the large terraces having the feeling of being suspended between sky and sea.


Borgo santandrea amalfiBorgo santandrea amalfi Borgo santandrea amalfi


Mediterranean at every step, and finally enter one of the 29 rooms this Luxury Hotel has. When one thinks of luxury, ostentation, exaggeration, strangeness often come to mind. Borgo Santandrea is by the will of the owners, first and foremost a home, an extremely welcoming home where nothing is left to chance, but everything is the result of care, passion, attention and respect for the territory that hosts it.


Borgo santandrea amalfi Borgo santandrea amalfi Borgo santandrea amalfi Borgo santandrea amalfi


It is a tribute to the coast and its inhabitants, its products, natural and artisanal, and everything contributes to uniqueness and beauty.  From the colors played on shades of white and blue, enhanced by the splendid majolica tiles by local master craftsmen and the furnishing fabrics. From the fine wood furniture that traces the design of the 1960s (to which the construction dates) skillfully juxtaposed with period furniture. From the furnishings and artistic objects, true icons of local made in Italy. And then the plants in the gardens, all strictly indigenous: olive trees, lemons, pomegranates, myrtles, jasmine and the sea, which from any corner never escapes view, but seems to constantly want to embrace the house.


Borgo santandrea amalfi Borgo santandrea amalfi Borgo santandrea amalfi


In this total immersion of beauty, luxury is not the term that comes to mind to define it, but hospitality and warmth. Borgo Santandrea’s three restaurants, located on different levels, offer under the guidance of first-rate chefs, the best of Italian and local cuisine, and, icing on the cake, a bar and private beach enrich the extraordinary experiences offered by this beautiful place. If many foreigners, especially Americans, decide to face thousands of miles of flight, to come and get married here, there must be a reason. Or is there?


Borgo santandrea amalfi Borgo santandrea amalfi


The Amalfi Coast is definitely one of the most beautiful places in Italy but whatever location you have decided to get married in, I will be happy to be with you. Check out my portfolio and see if my style is what you have always dreamed of for your wedding!