Here am I, just returned from the annual convention of ANFM, the most representive Italian association for wedding photography of which I have proudly been a member for a few years. It was a worderful experience, which allowed me to meet a number of new and excellent colleagues, and confront with them. The three-day convention ended with a surprise just as exciting as unexpected: I was awarded with the Silvia Agus prize.

Silvia Agus was the founder of this association. I have not had the chance to meet her as she died prematurely years ago. From what I have heard of her she must have been indeed a splendid person. Every year in her memory a single photograph is awarded, the most moving one, a photo that may represent her approach to photography and, as a consequence, the spirit of the association. To be honest, I am not sure that I deserve this award. However, at least of a thing I am quite sure: from now onwards, I shall have an additional reason to keep doing my best, in the attempt to improve the quality of my work and, above all, worthily represent the spirit of this association.