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We are very impressed with the photos from our wedding. We feel very lucky that he accepted to document our special day and we are very pleased with the service. It is exactly what we were hoping for and we are very much looking forward to seeing the rest of the photos from that day. What struck us about his style, even in the photos he has delivered now, is that they all look natural and genuine.

Therefore what Daniele has delivered are not just wedding photos, they are something more… He has managed to capture many small but important moments of the day, often without that we even realized he was there!

To sum up, what sets Daniele apart is that he thinks about the context of the photography – not just context in terms of how colors, light, and framing relate to each other but the context between people – how the people in his pictures relate to each other and how they relate to the things around them, how they exist within their context and the space.

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Daniele was our photographer at our April 16, 2016 destination wedding (from my perspective) in Italy. Being a American living in the United States and having a wedding on the other side of the world, I was pretty nervous about which vendors to choose. Knowing that all of my family and friends wouldn't be able to make the trip, my husband and I decided that we needed to make it a priority to choose a great photographer who could exceptionally capture our special day for those who wouldn't be able to be there.

My husband, being from Rome, asked around for photographer recommendations. Several of his friends gave him Daniele’s name. Daniele not only met our expectations, but he far exceeded them. We received so many compliments on the photos and, to be honest, each time I look through them, I am in awe by how he was able to document so much emotion. They say a picture is worth a thousand words and with Daniele, that phrase is so true. We couldn’t recommend him enough! Fantastic!

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Avevamo visto Daniele lavorare al matrimonio di una coppia di amici quando ancora non sapevamo che ci saremmo sposati anche noi, ma avevamo già deciso: era lui!
Un fotografo giovane e molto talentuoso, professionale e fidato in quei momenti così emozionanti, una scelta di cui è impossibile pentirsi.

Ci ha consegnato degli scatti unici, nei quali abbiamo rivisto tutta l'essenza della nostra storia: vedo queste foto e ci ritrovo sia i ragazzi che eravamo quando ci siamo fidanzati, che gli adulti che siamo oggi, 14 anni dopo.

Ha risolto tutti i piccoli inconvenienti della giornata, ha colto i momenti più emozionanti in tantissime situazioni diverse, è stato discreto ma presente e rassicurante. Le risate, gli abbracci, le lacrime, i balli: ha catturato tutto quanto di bello c'è stato quel giorno.

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One of the big decisions, apart from choosing Rome as our wedding destination, was our choice of photographer. It was very important to my wife that she had wedding photos that she could look back on and treasure for life.

Daniele exceeded all of our expectations and were amazing. His professionalism, enthusiasm, patience and ability to capture all of the important moments was unbelievable. Not only were we delighted with our choice, all of our guests also commented positively on Daniele. For anyone getting married in Rome, Daniele Torella comes with our highest recommendation!

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It was a great experience and honored to engage your professional photography. The art of capturing light was the quintessence of photography as the images you produced in our picture was one of its kind. We can tell you loved your job and putting so much effort for a picturesque image in every shot you made. The amount of informations we exchanged in our conversations made us felt that we weren’t just another customer, we felt much closer then that and even in the hot summer weather, we were all cheery with laughters bursting, wants more photos to be taken!

We strictly dislike photoshopped images and we prefer the raw and natural images that was taken. Photography is an art, capturing the image at that moment and under the natural light or environment given, an incredible work of art was created. Not everyone can buy a DSLR and learn to be a good photographer even after years of shooting. Its a gift and Daniele has it in him and he made it even better with his creation and passion. Thank you Daniele!

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Daniele and team! Thank you so much for these beautiful pictures – they are truly amazing and we’ve had so many compliments on just how flawless and professional they look! Whilst these are only a selection for the blog we couldn’t be happier on the way you have captured the day.

I also want to thank you and your team for the way in which the photography and videography was managed – we didn’t feel at all intruded and it was very fun working with you. You allowed us to enjoy our special day which was important to us! I have no hesitation in recommending you to anyone!

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Daniele is truly passionate about his work and the couples he works with. He captured our love and moments in such a beautifully real and raw way, true to the day . Most of the time we weren't even aware that he was there snapping away, he let us be while his lens did all the work. He's also such a great individual and had fun working with him.

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If you are planning a wedding, you have definitely realized how much advice you can get in a day. For all kinds of details from all kind of people. It can be exhausting. Like all, we have received indefinite advice about the photographers. The day that we have met Daniele, we knew immediately he was “the one” that would make our most important day unforgettable.

During the shoot, you feel at home even in the most unfamiliar surroundings. He makes you feel so comfortable that you don’t even realize that the camera is there. You know immediately you are in the hands of a professional. Believe me, you will be amazed the day that you receive the photos. No bad surprises, no lost memories. Look no further. This is the most valuable advice you will get and you will thank us for that. I strongly believe, the wedding photographer is in the top 3 of the decisions for the most important day. The photographer generates the memories that the couple will be keeping and looking for the rest of their lives.

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Riguardando le nostre foto una ad una, ciascuna rivela la magia di istanti irripetibili, il miracolo di una felicità inimmaginabile e così effimera, la vera essenza di una giornata unica. Non semplici scatti, ma racconto di Emozioni , espressione fedele e spontanea di stati d'animo, rivelazione dei sentimenti più reconditi. Non può che essere questo il prodotto di un artista unico, come te Daniele.

Il privilegio di averti con noi nel nostro giorno ci ha regalato un'emozione da sfogliare e rivivere ora e per sempre.
Grazie di cuore a te, che del nostro cuore hai fatto un racconto prezioso nel giorno più bello.