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daniele torella

E-MAIL:  |  PHONE:  +39 349 5881430   |  STUDIO: Viale Cesare Pavese 267 – Rome

Daniele Torella is a Wedding Photographer who works not only in Rome but also throughout Italy and abroad. His photo shoots have the particularity of reflecting the style of the Reportage: don’t expect traditional and monotonous photos! Daniele knows how to capture the soul of the moment, following the bride and groom during the entire event, that is, during the preparations, at the time of the ceremony itself and remaining close to them for the entire duration of the reception.

Post-production work should not be underestimated, as it represents a very important and demanding part of Daniele’s work, which he carries out with dedication and passion, without distorting the original shots but remaining faithful and enhancing them. Winner of international awards and specializing in time for wedding photography, Daniele loves photographing people and capturing the most spontaneous expressions.

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E-MAIL:  |  PHONE:  +39 349 5881430   |  STUDIO: Viale Cesare Pavese 267 – Rome